Wednesday, April 1, 2009

PPIP and the Cash Cyclone

Have you ever seen a Cash Cyclone?  You can find them at arcades, amusement parks, etc.  You can even rent one for parties.  A contestant stands inside the cylinder to which cash has been added.  A fan is turned on, and the money blows and swirls around.  The contestant tries to grab as much cash as he can before time runs out.

This is how the Treasury's Public-Private Investment Program works.  Only a limited number of institutions are permitted to play, as the WSJ complains in an editorial today Treasury's Very Private Asset Fund

That's why I like my investment in Goldman Sachs stock.  There's nobody better at Cash Cyclone.  I'm trying not to be too cynical, but over the years they've proven to be particularly astute at recognizing when there's money blowing around, and grabbing their share.  The government needs investors for the program to work, and it's offering particularly generous terms.  Watch for Goldman to do its patriotic duty and not incidentally help its share price.

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